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Giant Dipper 100th – New Merch Exclusive    

The Retail Team
The Retail Department Leadership Team – (left to right) Jonathan Rogers, Christy Thomas & Brett Friel

The excitement about the 100th Anniversary of the iconic Giant Dipper is building! Help us celebrate with some unique collectible and commemorative merchandise. Get an inside peek into the Boardwalk’s retail team, The Walk store, and the limited-edition merchandise available during this monumental season in this exclusive article, written in collaboration with Assistant Retail Manager, Jonathan Rogers.

Giant Dipper 100 merchandise display in The Walk
Giant Dipper 100th Merchandise in The Walk

How does one capture a century of memories and thrills from one of California’s oldest attractions? It doesn’t happen overnight, and it involves the best and brightest that the Boardwalk has to offer. Beginning in the summer of 2023, stakeholders met and started realizing the massive scale of creative potential for this iconic celebration – Promotions, VIPs, Fireworks, and of course the Merchandise!

Coaster Dot 2.0 merchandise display in The Walk
Coaster Dot 2.0 Merchandise in The Walk

As a new department to the Boardwalk, the Retail team has put its collective vision and spirit into several ventures, with help from local artists and vendors, to honor such a milestone. Some of these designs have also been made possible with help from employees at the Boardwalk voting for their favorite designs! The outcome, four original and unique 100th anniversary graphics to choose from: one designed by the Boardwalk’s Creative Team, two by local artists, and the fourth in collaboration with Santa Cruz Legend NHS. This will be the second collaboration with the local skateboard brand. Their “Coaster Dot” has already gained much popularity internationally with the help of the Boardwalk’s online store, so the presentation of Coaster Dot 2.0 will be met with much anticipation!

detail of Dipper Merchandise
Giant Dipper 100th Anniversary Merchandise

You can find these designs on a variety of products including shirts, hoodies, cups, mugs, lanyards, pins, plush and even custom ornaments; there is a souvenir for everyone! The Giant Dipper 100th Commemorative Ornament was a huge success when it debuted last fall, with its handcrafted appearance and prominent features. You can still purchase these in our online store or in The Walk next time you visit the park. Explore the various retail locations before your visit by checking them out on our website!

Charlie the Bear
“Charlie” the Collectable Bear Plushie

Another unique item we are thrilled to offer guests is a much-anticipated custom Teddy Bear, lovingly named Charlie (after our wonderful Chairman Charles Canfield!). This collectable plushie is set to see store shelves by mid-May!

Thanks to the Giant Dipper for 100 years of beloved memories, and here’s to many more! Don’t forget to come and celebrate with us, catch a ride on the Dipper, and grab a commemorative photo and photo holder! You can find the exclusive 100th anniversary merchandise at our Seaside Apparel store under the Giant Dipper or at The Walk retail location next to the Casino Arcade on the Colonnade. Join us this May in celebrating an iconic and timeless amusement landmark.   
Happy Birthday Giant Dipper & Happy Shopping!
~ Special thanks to Jonathan for sharing his expert insights into our retail offerings!

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